Christmas starters


Any ideas? MIL doesn’t like smoked salmon or prawns (and can’t eat pepper/spice) and I’ve done melon and parma ham before and so don’t want to do that again.






Caprese salad


that was my suggestion but ‘soup is boring’ - a bit cheeky given that I’m cooking and having to pander to my MIL’s fussiness


meant to say it needs to be kid friendly.


Fried goats cheese with a light honey drizzle and a few salad leaves.

When she’s finishing her last forkful throw a load of pepper and spice in her face.




Try a non-boring soup like broccoli and stilton.


I was thinking along those lines like maybe doing 3 or 4 tapas-style dishes so people can pick what they want and have a mixture of a few different things, but could get a bit daft for a starter


Please stop moving the goalposts.


surely you’re adult enough to say fuck off to ‘soup is boring’


How is patê not kid friendly?

All the kids I know love a little toast with some liver patê on board


Prawn cocktail


have to pick my battles xylo, but I won’t forget…


i getcha. piss in the nog. genius


Yeah sorry just meant I don’t think my son has had it and would probably turn his nose up at it. Might try him with some, I’m not into it particularly so don’t tend to have it in the house.


smoked salmon.




Spicy prawn soup