Christmas television

What’s everyone planning to watch? Post in here whenever you’re watching tv.

Watership Down part 1 was AMAZING

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I’ve been watching Mama Mia with my Mama Fran.

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Julie Walters is a great wedding aunt.

Just Zog I suspect. My TV aerial doesn’t work so I only watch things on catchup and never seem to spot anything good. I’ll keep an eye on this thread for tips.

The animation was fucking hideous. Couldn’t watch it. Looked like a cutscene from a PS2 game.


Dinner For One tomorrow eve which is the biggest xmas tv ritual in my family (and country)


I said exactly the same.

that’s what i thought but then my eyes got used to it

:grinning: Didn’t realise this was something that exists as a tradition/ritual beyond Germany. Which other countries are in on it?

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I only know it’s huge here in Norway, and always on the 23rd. It goes under the name «The Countess and the Butler» here

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I’m watching making a murderer 2 again

Merry xmas!


I bought Happy Feet for Mrs F off the back of someone saying “everyone’s seen ‘Happy Feet’” and her saying “I haven’t”. So that.

Also standards:

Christmas lectures for kiddies.

Strictly Christmas special

World’s Strongest Man

Just watched The Christmas Chronicles on Netflix. Rather generic, but charming.

Just started The Ipcress File. Might watch the latest Blame Game after (both on iPlayer).

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Watching father ted

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My dad thinks it was made in the 1970s, can’t be bothered to correct him


I was introduced to it by Danish mates :+1:

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It’s on Sky Arts on NYE, first time it’s been shown on TV in the UK.

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Going to watch this at some point

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Ha, I was close to asking if it was any good and tagging you @roastthemonaspit

But then realised I’ll probably watch it regardless.

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