Christmas - The thread (with polls, chat encouraged)


Christmas is

  • Great
  • Fine
  • Don’t care either way
  • Could do without it
  • Actively hate it

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Best assortment of chocolates

  • Heroes
  • Celebrations
  • Roses
  • Quality Street

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Honestly can’t tell the difference between Roses and Quality Street. Just give me the fruit cremes, please.


Celebrations, apart from Bounty.


Christmas ends

  • At midnight on December 25
  • Boxing Day
  • Dec 27
  • Dec 28
  • Dec 29
  • Dec 30
  • NYE
  • NYD
  • Whenever I go back to work

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I think that Roses has a slightly superior caramel barrel, but Quality Street has the purple hazelnut in caramel one. They both have far too many toffees.


I’m quite partial to a Bounty in a Celebrations tin. It’s a nice counterbalance to the slight sickliness of a Mars.



  • Acceptable abbreviation
  • Unacceptable

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Fuck it meant to put “I’m a catholic / Jan 6” option


Watch the Queen’s Speech?

  • God bless you ma’am
  • As part of a drinking game
  • LOL no

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Opening presents

  • Soon as you wake up
  • After breakfast
  • After lunch
  • The evening (wtf)

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Going to be the first Christmas without either of my grandparents on my dad’s side being alive, so not sure how Christmas will shape up

  • Yes
  • No


Christmas is peak “I do not care for this, but I am not going to try to ruin anyone’s enjoyment of it because I am not That Guy, so stop trying to involve me please” for me, Clives.


You should set up an amnesty box to collect all the unwanted Bounty bars - you’d have enough to last you through to February.


Did you know they do boxes of just the fruit creams now? :+1:


eclairs are the worst


u fackin WOT

brb, updating my gift requests from everyone.

  • after my parents get back from church :no_mouth:


Quite like Eclairs, but they’re in Heroes.


Go to church

  • Yes, perfectly happy to
  • Yes, to keep someone else happy
  • As a child / younger but not now
  • Lol no

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