Christmas - The thread (with polls, chat encouraged)

Christmas is

  • Great
  • Fine
  • Don’t care either way
  • Could do without it
  • Actively hate it

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Best assortment of chocolates

  • Heroes
  • Celebrations
  • Roses
  • Quality Street

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Honestly can’t tell the difference between Roses and Quality Street. Just give me the fruit cremes, please.


Celebrations, apart from Bounty.


Christmas ends

  • At midnight on December 25
  • Boxing Day
  • Dec 27
  • Dec 28
  • Dec 29
  • Dec 30
  • NYE
  • NYD
  • Whenever I go back to work

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I think that Roses has a slightly superior caramel barrel, but Quality Street has the purple hazelnut in caramel one. They both have far too many toffees.

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I’m quite partial to a Bounty in a Celebrations tin. It’s a nice counterbalance to the slight sickliness of a Mars.

Fuck it meant to put “I’m a catholic / Jan 6” option


Watch the Queen’s Speech?

  • God bless you ma’am
  • As part of a drinking game
  • LOL no

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Opening presents

  • Soon as you wake up
  • After breakfast
  • After lunch
  • The evening (wtf)

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Going to be the first Christmas without either of my grandparents on my dad’s side being alive, so not sure how Christmas will shape up

  • Yes
  • No

Christmas is peak “I do not care for this, but I am not going to try to ruin anyone’s enjoyment of it because I am not That Guy, so stop trying to involve me please” for me, Clives.


You should set up an amnesty box to collect all the unwanted Bounty bars - you’d have enough to last you through to February.

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Did you know they do boxes of just the fruit creams now? :+1:

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u fackin WOT

brb, updating my gift requests from everyone.

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  • after my parents get back from church :no_mouth:

Quite like Eclairs, but they’re in Heroes.

Go to church

  • Yes, perfectly happy to
  • Yes, to keep someone else happy
  • As a child / younger but not now
  • Lol no

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I remember going to church on Christmas morning and being encouraged to bring one toy along to show the rest of the congregation. It was a weird compromise: “you can bring your toy!” “but you’re not allowed to properly play with it!” “but you should show everyone what you’ve got!” “but let’s not forget the real meaning of Christmas!”


£2 from reasonably sized Tescos