Christmas - The thread (with polls, chat encouraged)

Ever volunteered at a homeless shelter / soup kitchen at Christmas?

  • Yes, more than once
  • Yes, once
  • Would like to do it one year but circumstances have meant I haven’t yet
  • None of the above

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It’s really irritating that Christmas day is on a Monday this year because me and my ATDs usually have Friendsmas the weekend before but everyone will be too busy doing last minute stuff this year.


So much better than panto if you’re a kid

I don’t get the reference

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I had to re read the poll at least three times before I could accept that someone would miss Gremlins.

It’s Gremlins.

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In hindsight I probably wasn’t the person best equipped to make this poll
falls on sword

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Edit taking it to the sandwich thread.

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Haha this, always start watching and slag thefuck out of it, 2 hours later I’m still watching.


Breakfast/brunch around 11.
Presents and initial preparations for dinner.
Head to village pub around 2.
Stay there until it closes sometime between 4 & 5.
Back to the house and the main part of the dinner (goose, duck, whatever) gets under way.
Sit down to eat sometime between 7 and 10, depending on kitchen disasters and wine consumption.

For those of you in relationships, do you:

  • Generally spend Christmas Day together
  • Generally spend Christmas Day apart

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If you spend it together, do you

  • Generally spend it at your family’s home
  • Generally spend it at your TV’s home
  • Generally spend it at your own home
  • Some kind of rotation system
  • Other

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Nope. The understanding is that they will cook and others will wash up.

You should start making a fuss about the washing up. “Bloody hell. My hands are like prunes and I just can’t shift these stubborn old bits of potato…”

I could. I actually quite like the washing up though: means I get to stick a podcast on my headphones and get into my own headspace in the kitchen for a bit: comes as quite a relief!

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i put that we spend it together but that’s only part of the day. my tv doesn’t like xmas that much so although we invite him round every year, he likes spending the day on his own doing non-christmassy things. so i stay at mine for most of the day and go over to his in the evening.

people can’t get their head around him spending any of the day on his own so he gets his parents ringing up asking if he’s ok, and usually he gets several invites from people to spend the day with them as though the problem was that he didn’t have anyone to spend it with!

what do you guys do on boxing day?

we always go to my aunt’s place, she used to have a hotel and stay for a night or two but that got sold a few years ago so now it’s just a big day of nice food and hanging with my many cousins (who are awesome)

Sometimes visit relatives (or they come over to my Mum and Dad’s). Otherwise, we usually go for a walk somewhere if the weather’s nice. If the weather isn’t nice, I might get to slope off to the football if Wrexham are playing at home (which I don’t think they are this year).

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