Christmas 'Traditions': a poll thread

Getting rather fed up with these ‘traditions’ that have somehow become a part of Christmas. I need to consult with DiS.

Feel free to add your own polls for similar festive bollocks

Elf On The Shelf

  • Elf-y (Yes)
  • Shelf-ish (No)

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Mulled Wine

  • Ooooh lovely
  • It’s warm Ribena ffs

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Christmas Markets

  • I immerse myself in European Culture
  • Brexit can’t come soon enough

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Going to the local for a couple of hours around lunchtime on Christmas Day.

  • Obviously
  • No

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Christmas Jumpers

  • So cool, so ironic (Yes)
  • You look a bit of a tit mate (Nope)

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Discontinuing winter sacrifices to the Old Gods of the forests

  • disgraceful
  • ere pal this is a christian country m9

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Little gifts in advent calendars

  • I remember when all you got was a Satsuma and lump of coal (No)
  • I’m a capitalist (Yes)

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Argument about Brexit

  • I chew off the ear of a Brexiteer
  • I Brexit the conversation

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The ‘no’ votes on this one are seriously wrong

The Coca Cola Lorry

  • Okey-cokey (Yes)
  • Coke Zero (No)

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All of these polls need an additional ‘Don’t care’ option.