🎄 🎄 DiS Christmas Song Challenge Big Release! 🎄 🎄

The wise men are reloading their pipes for the last leg, Mary’s thrown up off the side of the donkey, the angel Gabriel’s finishing off his rice pudding - it can only mean one thing…

The DiS Christmas Song Challenge is over for another year! For anyone who’s avoided the thread and previous years’ iterations, the DIY musicians of your beloved forum have been writing and recording to express their true emotional interpretation of this holiday season.

Here’s the album on Bandcamp (recommended as I’ve levelled the volumes a bit) and Soundcloud.

peace on earth


Wooooooo. Thanks Gert for doing this. And cheers everyone for entering. Putting this on while I wrap presents to get in the mood.


wow, this is great. really like @stickboy’s track.

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Thanks for doing this @Gert! It’s one of my favourite Christmas traditions and the standard’s really great this year!

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I do think I will download this and listen while wrapping my remaining presents tomorrow!

Thanks @Gert for sorting this out; I love this tradition both as a creator and listener!

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Christmas Eve bumper bump


Listening for the first time now. Perfect soundtrack to MiniWza’s timeout from presentaggeddon.

You Absolutely Great Bunch Of Talented Jumped Up Indie Pricks.


Been very nicely soundtracking my last couple of days Christmassing too. Great hearing it all come together - ace work everyone!