🎄 Christmas work do 🎄


Are you having one? Is it somewhere nice? What’s on the menu?

After a couple of years of ours being at Kings Cross (the actual fucking train station) we’ve finally managed to secure a nice pub in Clerkenwell. Menu hasn’t been released yet so will update accordingly.



Antipasta to start
Steak main
Chocolate tart dessert


It’s what he would’ve wanted. RIP.


Revo Lounge. I have no clue what this is.

Tapas starts

Haloumi and roasted veg Wellington

Christmas pudding

I really like all the people I work with so should be good


Gonna pour a forty on the table in his honour


Ours is a party at some bar and it’s on a Tuesday evening. Bah


Won’t be here for the Christmas do so YEEEEEOOOOOWWWWWW.




Can’t remember, but not the turkey because something else looked better. Some kind of pâté starter, no dessert because the dairy free choice (there wasn’t a choice) is sorbet, and everyone knows that sorbet is just depressing ice cream.


Ouch. Friday the 15th for us


Nothing arranged yet, but hoping for a mid-week lunch followed by the afternoon off. Can’t really be arsed with a Friday evening do.


Going here


Haven’t looked at the menu, just going to get loaded on the company dime.


They always do ours on a Thursday. Makes for some painful conversation on Friday.


I cannot even bring myself to type out where we’re going.

(Someone guess??)






Kings Cross station?!?!!. Is it at that terrible fullers pub the parcel yard? I know the guy that runs it. Terrible guy.


nope, but it is a chain




Oh and in the most Tory Christmas spirit imaginable we have a senior management meal and drinks during works time at some point too



We’ll be taking it up the Oxo Tower

You’ll have to turn up to find out.