🎄 DiS Christmas Song Challenge 2017 🎄

Who’s up for this?
Moker did it last year but seems to have been awol since March.
His thread was very official and organised but I’m sure I can gather our efforts on soundcloud and bandcamp.

Drape yourself in tinsel and start making music!

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celebrating the birth of Chris as per the thread title

Am definitely up for this. Chris deserves some good birthday choons

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@manches @woweezowee @McGarnagle @Ruffers @stickboy @Otto @wasted

Any of you rabble wanna contribute to the festivities?


@BodyInTheThames @yam @badcustard @rainmaker @bugman @Bamnan @1N4R0551

or any of you merry elves?

sadly my recording equipment is with a friend at the moment. I’ll just repost my christmas song from last year instead :slight_smile:

I have next week off and will attempt to cobble something together, haven’t recorded anything since the Christmas song last year though…


super lo-fi phone recording and pretend the hiss is icy wind

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dunno if I have the time to squeeze it in…never noticed this thread previous to now

yeah it is quite late notice now. I kind of gave up after no one replied but then rainmaker revived the idea in the Share Your Music thread

Ah I missed the original thread too! Might have a crack once I’ve finished work on the 15th.

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I’d been looking for the thread! Obviously I’d missed this one.

I try to make it a yearly thing to put something together, so providing I can sort the free time / get an idea, I’d be veeeery up for this again

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think the typo in the title might have hampered searchability

@moderators could you make the t?

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Shiiiit, think I originally missed this too. Will depend on whether time allows now, but if I can pull something together I’d be up for it again. Thanks for the prod!

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Here’s Moker’s thread from last year

maybe you can copy the guidelines into this thread (or maybe even a new thread) & get it stickied - you’ll probably need to change some of the dates etc - I dunno - it’s in your hands now @Gert :+1:t4:

weeeell now you’ve handily linked to that, I guess interested parties can just read moker’s rules there. They pretty much boil down to ‘make an original Christmas song and send it in .wav format’.

The new email address for submissions is drownedinchristmas@gmail.com

Either WeTransfer or similar to there or put it somewhere I can download.

We’ll go with a deadline of midnight of 22nd December. I’ll compile it all on the 23rd.


maybe get @moderators to sticky it?


Nice! I’ll try and make something that’s not shite!