🎄 DiS Christmas Song Challenge 2017 🎄

Nice work. If an old English cathedral was built in Twin Peaks, this is the sound I imagine it would make on Christmas morning.


This description makes me so happy

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@rainmaker @badcustard @Kallgeese @anon30627475 @CillaCrack @bugman @wasted

anyone got any homework still to turn in?

Legit still waiting on recording the vocals. I started a new job last week and have been flat out ever since!

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Still working on it, hit a snag last night when I had no working jack leads…

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I emailed it this morning! You must not have got it

There probably was a problem at the post office or somethin

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Hey Gert,
Totally forgot to email or reply here. We finished ours last week…

Download link here: https://charlieshandmovements.bandcamp.com/track/always-a-dream

Hope we’re in time!

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I had something, but somehow accidentally resampled everything into random bit rates, so now it sounds like some sort of fevered nightmare… So no I’m afraid!

That sounds like it could be great from the description!


thanks everyone who’s been sending in tracks today. We’re up to a healthy 9 yuletide bangers. If it was mp3, I’ve used Audacity to turn it into a wav so it can go on bandcamp. Don’t think that will have done anything to the quality. Moker’s given me the passcode to the old one now so we will be up among the hall of DiSers past.

Still a day left so everyone else keep on noodling around.

Had it all perfectly laid out on my four track. then picked it up to listen to the final product - and i dropped it. and it hadn’t saved, and i feel so stupid.
So I’m now trying to frantically re-record it before i have to leave. I will get something in for this.

Alright, here it is. Feel like I should point out i left my amp and cables at my band’s house, so this is just a guitar, 1 lead, a 4-track, and the Korg Volca Keys going through a £10 bluetooth speaker.


this is really great - excellent stuff, nice video too

really, really, lovely

I’m using the “Christmas music” prompt a little loosely, but here’s a Sufjan Stevens cover I did. Does it count? Also, I’m new here, but if anyone cares to listen… any feedback? :slight_smile:

Hi Caleb, I should have probably made it more clear but the challenge is for writing and recording an original song. But of course you’re welcome to use this thread to get feedback on your Sufjan cover.

Compilation coming soon, folks!

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well done everyone! I actually love the compilation, really enjoyed doing this. Tried to sequence it so it flows well. Joy to the world!

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@Gert, thanks a lot for picking this up, pushing us all along and pulling it all together. Great artwork too.

Well done all who contributed too, not making something from nothing at short notice. Just downloaded the bandcamp and looking forward to listening later during the festive prep. Happy Christmas! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ahhh my bad… and thanks!

So here’s my effort… a bit of a rushed job and not particularly Christmas-y but there we are.