🎄 Official Time Off Over Christmas Thread 🎄

About a month to go.

For me:
day off on the 23rd
at work on the 29th and 30th
then back at work on the 3rd

Off from evening of 20th, back on the 3rd. One day left to book (can’t book 20th or 19th and can’t carry over so not sure why I am telling you)

Trying to get anywhere from Thurs 22nd onwards is going to be actually hellish isn’t it

Off 14th-18th back in 19th-20th then off until the new year

Dunno yet. Driving my gf mad because I haven’t committed to specific days off yet. She’s 100℅ in the right, but choosing the actual days is weirdly stressful for me.

tl;dr dunno

Reckon the annoyance is the main reason you haven’t yet?

Just the weekends and official public holidays for me. Going to Florida in February and saving my leave up for it.

Nah, I’m not being petty, just infuriatingly lazy.


I did want those two days in the middle off but my boss didn’t see my request until this morning, which means it’s a bit late and we’d end up short-staffed if I was off, so in an amazing act of heroism I just said “don’t worry, I’ll come in”.

Last year I was off from December 8th to January 4th with a 2 week honeymoon stint in Cuba amongst that.

This year I finish on December 23rd and am back on January 4th :confused:

Greatest work martyr in history.

Office closes a little early on the Friday 23rd Dec, so we can go for a drink, and then opens up on Tuesday 3rd Jan.

My plan for the week off is to strip, sand, varnish and re-web our sofa, as well as preparing our garden for the new topsoil.

finish up on the 16th december, back on 4th january

Finish on the 16th, back in on the 3rd. Loads of days off before then too.

Weekends and public holidays work out okay this year (off 24/25/26/27th December and hogmanay plus 1st/2nd/3rd January), so I’m saving my holidays for the early months of next year and working 28th, 29th and 30th.

My work gives us a half day on 23rd and 30th December as well, and nobody does any work between Christmas and New Year so it’ll be fine.

Work is shut on the 23rd and 30th so I only have the 28th and 29th to worry about for which I will WFH

Back to work on the 3rd.

Literally no point in taking time off work during xmas unless you’re actually going somewhere

Office closes on the 23rd and reopens on the 3rd. Never had a job where the office reopened between Christmas and NY, imagine it a massive waste of time.

Or you know… you want to spend time with your family.

Subthread: Where are you spending the week off?

Got the in-laws coming to ours on Christmas Day, and then I’m heading to my parents for Boxing Day and the Tuesday bank holiday.

Other than that, I’m at home. I like London in the gap between Christmas and New Year - if I can avoid the sales. Quite fancy going for a few pints or having people over for dinner during the perineum.

25-27th off, back on the 28th and 1st and 2nd off, back on the 3rd. :heart:retail