Christmas Tree Roll Call


I’m usually of the mindset that a Christmas tree shouldn’t go up until two weeks before Christmas, but Mrs HYG’s family would do it at the end of November, so as a compromise, we put it up this weekend.

Please check in to this thread to state:

  • If you have erected (heh) your tree
  • If it’s real or artificial
  • If real, what kind (Nordmann Firr? Norwegian?)
  • How big it is
  • Will you use a fixed collection of decorations, or are you one of those weirdos that gets new stuff every time for a different theme?

  • Erected December 3rd
  • Real
  • Nordmann
  • 4ft-ish
  • Only have one actual ornament (a wedding present), so we bought baubles, lights and a star topper at Poundland.

  • Our tree is not purchased or erected
  • A real tree will be purchased at some point soon
  • The real tree will be “dunno”
  • We will get a 2 footer
  • We have a bag of generic baubles, a couple of other bits and a photo of my old dog which goes on the top


I am currently erection-free and intend to be for the foreseeable future.


2 foot
no additional decorations required (fibre optic tree)


Away from the 16th December so no Christmas tree planned. Might put some fairy lights on one of the plants next weekend.

  • yes, it’s been erected (3rd December)
  • it’s artificial (we’re away for Christmas and don’t want to come back to a house full of dead pine needles)
  • it’s 6ft tall
  • we have the same box of decorations every year but we have a tradition of buying one new decoration each year. The colour scheme is red and silver but this has been compromised slightly post-parenthood.


I have put up my small, white, plastic tree from Clas Ohlson.

I tend to add a couple of new decorations each year, but seeing as it’s only a tiny tree there’s a limit as to how long that can go on for.


Two miserable blokes in a house share equals no decorations.


Can I move in, please? I’ve got my own d20.



My housemate has never even seen a d20.

But assuming the sofa is ok with you, then yes.



Hmm. Is there at least space on the mantelpiece for my plaque?

  • Erected some point this weekend by my GF
  • Fake
  • N/A
  • 4ft-ish
  • Fixed collection of decorations I think, not sure, don’t have anything to do with it


Yes, that can have pride of place.

You’ll have to keep explaining to him what it is.




I’ve got mine, obvs.

Haven’t needed them for the last couple of games. Dicestream innit.

  • Erected yesterday (v early for us)
  • Real
  • Nordmann.
  • About 6’6"
  • Fixed collection - but it’s looking sparse so may pick up a few more bits if we spot anything.


Doing it tonight, pics incoming (it’s white and plastic and we usually stick the cats on top)