Christmas Tree Thread

A place to post your Christmas trees.

You first…


don’t have one sorry

Alright witches at least let me get it put up first ffs :wink:

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Put it up earlier but not photomagraphisized it yet. Will do later.

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Too early for me. Maybe next weekend.

Had some proper Christmas dread today. Went down to my local Sainsburys big shop and the place was just heaving with people shovelling Christmas tat into their trolleys (this is ironic since the only reason I was there was to buy an advent calendar for Mrs F). I don’t know what it is, but I just felt instantly really depressed. Hope I’m going to snap out of that soon, because next week but one sure isn’t likely to make me feel any more festive.

The family xmas tree only comes up on the 23rd, but I’ve a small white plastic one here which I might actually put up later today. Stay tuned.


Love the big fuck off star :smiley:


I might do ours later this evening.

Estimated purchase date: 15 Dec

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Ours went up this afternoon!


  • cool Ugandan Santa and angel (from my sister in law)


  • Boingy Santa (won in a hard-fought round of The Present Game)

  • Mr Penguin (which the eldest was sick on as an infant after having been in hospital with a virus)


It’s now the girls’ job to decorate the tree. I’m in charge of lights.


Just bought ours. Letting it settle tonight before decorating later next week.


Guys I’m the last person to tell anyone how they should and should not celebrate the birth of our saviour but I think you’re all a little early and it’s making baby jesus cry.

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Bought and put ours up today. Would usually think this is a bit early for a real tree, but we’re away for Christmas itself and it is December so… only three and a half feet, bought a few new baubles from Tiger and a couple of nicer decs we’ve collected. Could’ve gone bigger but it’ll do. Think I have the same star as @tilty!



Hmmm this is bullshit. Because if you put it up now you get more time to enjoy having a tree in the room.

I need to do some serious soul searching now.


We’ve got a baby tree in a pot on the hall table already
Will take a picture when I get back home!

I usually agree with you. Growing up we’d probably never do the tree more than like two weeks before the big day.

But I’ve made my excuses this year and it is nice so…

I wanna get xmassed up right now.

Gonna get ours from the market Friday lunchtime and decorate it in the evening. Last year we put it up early and took it down before NYE and it was so much nicer to have the flat decorated more during the run-up rather than having a dying tree hanging around still in early January so we’re gonna do that again. The TV thinks I’m a Scrooge for wanting it down before the new year though.

  • I like your thinking
  • Scrooge

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