Christmas TV thread


Anything good on then?


Thought not.


Tried to edit “Christmas” from the title, but I’ve reached my limit for the day.


I’m being a little facetious: currently recording ‘Indian hill railways’ off of BBC4. That’s sure to be good!

Maybe not so Christmassy though


Looking forward to this:


Same as always innit, Doctor Who, Strictly, Eastenders, possibly Eastenders again, news, fall into a pile of your own vomit
Some good fixtures on Boxing Day mind OOOFT CHRISTMAS


Charlie Brooker wipe is on next week

Revolting Rhymes

Watched Inside the Christmas factory last night, that was fun AND festive


Bear Hunt is on for the kids as well


genuinely not sure I can face watching Charlie Brooker. Depressing enough most years, but with added lorry terrorism/brexit/trumpism I don’t think I can stomach it.


Depressing that we rely on a comedian who does about 1 show a year to be the only public figure in the media or politics to actually call a fascist terrorist who shot a labour politician dead a fascist and suchlike.


It is followed up by a Philomena Cunk special on Christmas straight after it so that should hopefully lighten the mood!