Christopher Hitchens (a HOT TAKE thread)


I had a really weird interest in his work in my early twenties. Hadn’t read/watched any of his stuff for ages until the other day and…wow. Beyond his book reviews, which are quite insightful, he’s basically Nick Cohen for people who think they’re too clever for Nick Cohen. I.e., says he’s of the left despite hating almost all left wing thinking. Warhawk, racist, sexist, Thatcherite, shill, sellout and by all accounts a total bastard if he had no further use for you professionally and personally.

Also inspired Milo dickheadopalus and Douglas Murray. Well done.

And despite being agnostic at best I’d take the fascinating mysticism of Catholicism or Islam or whatever any day over the dull plodding obviousness of his and Dawkins’ etc “atheist rationalism”.



Can absolutely never understand the whole “atheists are cunts so religion’s preferable” angle some people trot out. Yeah some of them are. But they could all be brutal cannibal warlords or whatever and nothing would make me stop and think yeah maybe all that insane magic shit in the book’s real. Does my nut in.
And yeah Hitchens, overall dickhead, but a witty one and someone who definitely didn’t deserve to die so young or painfully.


Yeah, become very fashionable of late. Hate it.


Only really read Hitch 22. Interesting how far left of the mainstream he was in his early days, and how he ended up being. I guess ultimately he was a fundamentalist liberal - even if that meant invading other countries to “set them free”.


I didn’t call atheists cunts, I just don’t know how sane or healthy essentially repeating “grass is green” over and over is. We get it Richard Dawkins, grass is green, terrific, now please calm down.


I enjoy the Christopher Hitchens episode of Comedy Bang Bang


I think you’re confusing him with Alan Titchmarsh


It’s easy enough to do they’re both fairly inane.


But in a world that is still dominated by religious beliefs and practices, maybe articulating it is a valuable thing to do?


Of course.


Also, you and him both hate the Clintons, so you should get on like a house on fire :wink: