Christopher Owens / Girls

It’s been ten years since Album by Girls came out, and I’ve just remembered how incredible that band felt at the time, and how sad it is that Christopher Owens’ solo career just kind of went nowhere.

Along with the debut and the EP, I thought Father, Son, Holy Ghost was an absolute stunner of an album, and it really felt Girls had a huge force of momentum behind them, playing fairly huge shows etc. Then Owens ‘quit’ the band, which was already essentially a solo venture of Owens surrounded by a range of session/temporary musicians, to release music under his own name, and suddenly everyone just stopped caring. I went to a show in the Islington Assembly Hall after his second solo album which must have been like 1/3 full, and then his next album was completely self-recorded and self-released online.

What do we think of Girls/Owens now? And do people think they would they have kept their momentum going if Owens didn’t make the weird solo break? Seems such a squandered talent, and such a shame. Post about Girls.

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Girls were brilliant but it wasn’t just Christopher Owens it was Chet White as well.

Hellhole Ratrace is up there with the best.

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it was Chet White as well

Fair point, very true. I guess I meant from the perspective of the justification of ‘leaving’ the band, it was weird to see Owens say “I’m quitting Girls because it’s not a ‘real band’, I’m sick of session musicians etc” just to start a ‘solo’ career on exactly that basis of session musicians etc.

Undoubtedly though, Chet added magic to the Girls sound.

Girls were fantastic. Christopher Owens not even half as good.

They need to reform.

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CO is doing a new project called ‘Curls’, who released an EP, ‘Vante’ in 2017 and it’s worth a listen. Back to a more band-driven direction which is where I think he puts out his best work.

Looks like Curls are starting to do stuff again too. Unfortunately I think CO has had difficulties personally over the last bunch of years and it’s taken it’s toll. I remember a brief, ill-fated GoFundMe page asking for donations for him to buy an art gallery studio property where he could live and create art.

I love those 2 Girls albums - revisited them recently and they still sound great to me

I was underwhelmed by CO’s 1st solo album and stopped paying attention after that

I like most of his solo albums, nowhere near the level of girls but certainly not bad

I really liked the Broken Dreams Club EP, every track is great on that.

Both full lengths had some good songs on them but i didn’t think they were quite as good as Pitchfork made them out to be (really felt like someone in their office was desperately trying to give them a major leg up).

Shame they broke up when they did though, as other have said i think the other guy was a really talented producer, their records always sounded awesome.


looks like curls is over before it started

Chet White has sadly died

Ah shit, that’s very sad news. Poor guy :cry:

As noted before…

Terrible news. Both Girls albums are untouchable. RIP

This sucks, Girls were great. Gonna check out the other stuff Chet produced afterwards, he clearly had the gift. Seems on twitter like Chris is living in his car, hope he’s got a support network at a time like this

His work with Tobias Jesso Jr. on Goon is great. Think he was meant to produce DIIV’s 2nd record but, that didn’t work out.