Chromatics - Closer To Grey out now / Dear Tommy confirmed

House of Dolls is quite deeply unsettling.

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There’s a new song anyway

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:rotating_light: T O U R :rotating_light:

(US only but something’s happening)





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Annoying that the Glasgow date is the same night as Little Simz (in another room at the same venue).

Anyone fancy the Bristol gig?

Has anyone here seen them live before? If so what were they like?

I’m gunna try and get tickets for the roundhouse date!

Just announce the fucking album.


Saw them at Heaven in London back in 2012 or summin. I remember they played some of the big hitters first, kill for love, tick of the clock etc. and the sound was annoyingly a bit murky. Soon as that was sorted out the rest of the set was great. Really moody and atmospheric.

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Dublin tickets got :sunglasses:

Glasgow :star_struck:

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Tickets bought for the Glasgow show.

You have no idea how excited I am about this m8s. Chromatics and Robyn in the same year!

I’m actually excited for the supports too. Buzzing for the whole night.

:sunglasses: :black_heart:


London show is the day I get back from holiday :unamused:

Booked tickets anyway :sunglasses:

Saw them at Village Underground back in 2012. Didn’t know much about them outside of Drive, but a mate had a spare ticket so went with her - thought they were bloody brilliant :+1:

Woo-hoo! tickets for Manchester. Desire supporting too, can’t wait!


Literally 2 of my all time favourite artists that for whatever reason I’ve never seen live before.

Robyn - Ally Pally was awesome and now Chromatics Bristol on a Saturday night. I’m so excited!!!

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It’s still not bloody finished

New song and video…

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Have decided I’m not listening to any more singles until the album. I’ve absolutely rinsed so many of them already and know it will affect how I hear Tommy when (if?) it’s ever released.

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