Chromatics (no, the new album isn't out yet)


But here’s an update:


This guy.

But I guess that’s why we love him. Have been on a Chromatics - and Italians Do It Better in general - binge lately. The guy’s behind an insane amount of amazing songs. Don’t know how you’d even begin compliling a best-of of all the projects.


just a bit mad really isn’t it? I’m sure the album will be great


Please try.

Or at least put together a very short “where to go from Chromatics” list.


Clearly he is a perfectionist which is why there is such a huge amount of great stuff that comes out of italians Do it Better.


Do we actually think this is true and not a romantic story to hype the album finally coming out?

I mean, destroying 25,000 copies of your work is throwing a lot of money down the toilet, but fair play if it is true and he took the hit for artistic integrity, I guess.


For now, there’s this:


bit silly really. it’s only music.


Yeah, I’m really liking this. Seems to be quite a lot being released on the label right now, some good stuff too. I really like that HEAVEN ep.



This is really great


There’s a new Johnny Jewel soundtrack up as well


Been listening to that since release - really lovely.


Our generation’s Chinese Democracy is going to be released before Winter this year apparently.

New track:

I didn’t realise the previously released tracks had been taken down, aside from Shadow.


They probably mean it’s coming out this Plutonian year (248 Earth years)


Which winter?


Well, Italians Do It Better have SOMETHING coming on Monday.

Could be a repress again, could be Glass Candy, could be anything knowing them!

But then this too…

I am excited m8s. Black Walls is :ok_hand:t2:


September 31st?



Enjoy all these ancillary releases but dude