Chrome issue

Not limited to this site but I’ve done something on chrome on android that has borked thr internet for me.

I stupidly pressed to block all third party cookies and a number of sites starting behaving oddly. This site wouldn’t let me sign in, at all. So i turned it back to normal and yet it made no difference, still the same error on this site and still have to press to accept cookies on bbc website dvery time i open it, even when I’ve not closed the window, just simply went to another app and then back again.

The only workaround i have is making an exception for this site.

Can’t uninstall the browser or see an option to return all settings to default. Tried force stopping. Clearing cache. All sorts.

I’ve toggled it back to normal, goddammit. Why won’t you believe me, websites?

It’s alright, i fixed it eventually

Fuck sake computers are silly billys.


I’d recommend trying the Arc browser which runs on Chromium which powers Chrome and moves over all your logins and stuff. I’m really liking it

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