Chromecast Audio



Guys, I bought a Chromecast Audio on Black Friday because all of you shitbirds were going on about how good they are.

The thing does not fucking work. Have I got a faulty one or is it just not compatible with iOS/Spotify? I am usually pretty good with technical stuff so if literally thousands of people own one of these things I find it hard to believe that I am the problem here.

Anyway sort it out for me yeah.


Definitely compatible with Spotify. Use mine via Android though, so could be an IoS thing…



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Mine doesn’t always connect with Spotify through android (nexus which is a fucking Google product so should have no issues). Figuredbit was ok for the money but basically just cheap shit overall.


It’s temperamental at times and it’s frustrating that even though you can control it once you’ve connected, you can’t connect from a pc. Also I dislike the lavk of scrobbling. I know there are work arounds, but they are clunky. Over all though, I find it useful


haha fucking shite


Does anyone else’s get really hot all the time? Always end up plugging it out when I’m not using it now.


I generally connect to my Chromecast devices through the Google Home app. This casts the whole device which I find works better than casting a single app (like Pandora or Spotify). You might try that instead.

And yes, all three that I have get blazin’ hot all the time.


I have had a few sprinkled throughout the apartment for almost 2 years now, what I’ve found is that they work quite reliably. You must however have a strong wifi signal present for this, quote a bit stronger than you would expect. If your network is at anything less than 50% strength you can expect random dropouts of sound, sluggish response time to commands, and sometimes just outright refusal to cast content.


ordinary chromecasts are great - considered getting one of these audio ones when they were cheap recently but didn’t bother. glad i didn’t now really.


think we’re just gonna take it back. it only shows up on the Google Home app from time to time, it’s right next to the router so could only get better internet if it was plugged in to the bloody thing, and it has shown up on my Spotify precisely once.

so fucking annoying.


Are there any songs you can’t play through a Chromecast Audio?

I read an article that said that Radiohead have requested that their first album “Pablo Honey” be ‘removed’ from the Chromecast Audio.

I didn’t even realise this was possible!?

I had foolishly assumed that it just transmitted audio agnostically, but it seems that there’s no way of playing “Creep” through one unless you rename the track to something like “The Radioheads - The Creeps” and add samples babies crying intermittently throughout to distort the audio fingerprint.

I understand that they don’t like that album, but this is ridiculous!