Put it in the curry as it cooks or have it on the side like a dip?


Needs a poll

Making one now


  • In the pot
  • On the side
  • :eggplant::eggplant::eggplant:

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Honestly can’t belive anyone would throw the chutney in the curry?!?


I do this. It’s good thanks.

Tbf, it really only belongs on poppas, but I’ll occasionally stick some manny chutz on the side of a homemade curry


Aye, on the side.

In the curry is insanity.

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What, just get a big old dollop out the jar and dump it in your korma?

A new thing for me to be outraged about I see.


Yeah. If I’m using one of these squidgy bags of sauce you get in tezzas I’ll add a couple of spoonfuls in because they can taste quite bitter. A bit like adding some sugar into your tomato sauces. Wouldn’t do it to a korma though.

I’d recommend you try it pk, but you don’t get curry out there do you?

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Chutney is shite

DiS thought police at work!!1!!! Wake up sheeple!

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More of a lime pickle man myself. I like that in a curry but actually more likely to put it through a green veg (steamed broccoli or kale or something) for an accompaniment.


how are those feet doing that?!

Chutney club

Chutney is still Branston’s Pickle for me as in a cheese and chutney sandwich so frankly you sound like a monster wanting to put Branston into the curry you’re making.

(Mango chutney goes on the side of the plate if not served with poppadoms)