Chvrches vs Chris Brown

So Chvrches did a track with Marshmello.

Then he does a track with despicable scumbag Chris Brown and Tyga.

Chvrches say this isn’t on.

Chris brown calls them not very nice things.

He’s still a cunt.


getting a bit depressed reading through the comments on their post

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@sean reposted their statement on the DiS FB page and at least 2 of the first 5 comments were absolutely terrible shit.

Fucking hell.

Chris seems like such a nice chap.

Oh. I mean he’s scum.


That Chris Brown response is genuinely baffling

It’s that bizarre thing where someone thinks any criticism of them or their actions is based around jealousy, despite how little sense that makes to anyone over the age of seven


Really frustrating that he keeps getting airplay and general support from the industry, should have been boycotted a long long time ago.

In particular I keep hearing that Freaky Friday song that he guests on on the radio, which all things aside is among the worst songs I’ve ever heard.

Chvrches statement is spot on.


“these are the type of people I wish walked in front of a speeding bus full of mental patients.”

this man is nearly 30 now.

agree with the post above that the continued airplay / industry support / general public support is the most disheartening thing about CB.


It’s always the high note hitting niggas who too tough to get clowned life is crazy.

— Vince Staples (@vincestaples) April 17, 2018

One more reason to endlessly love Odd Future/affiliates. Also I love the story that when Chris Brown and co tried to beat up Frank Ocean that 1. He told them where to go and 2. They dispersed because Vince Staples pulled up ‘wit that wit that’.


Well done Chvrches.

Fuuuck Chris Brown honestly wtf why is he even still a thing?! Disgusting person.


Really can’t make sense of him. Seemed like he was never big before he abused Rihanna so I still find it amazing the industry bent over backwards to keep trying to make money from him. When it’s someone as big as Michael Jackson you can at least see the rationale for trying to bury as much as possible even if it still stinks. Here…

possibly not in the UK but he was huge in the US as a teenager. he’d had at least two multi-platinum albums before his domestic violence case. he is probably the most bankable male R&B star in America from the last 10-15 years - unfortunately.

Unsurprised labels kept behind him because $$$ and capitalism but just wish the public was quicker to drop people like this.

the list of people who’ve either featured on his songs or featured him on theirs covers an absolutely preposterous swathe of popular contemporary US musicians too


Ah right, well that makes dome grim sense of it. Cheers

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You know what I don’t understand?

How an artist like Chris Brown still gets defended and airplay and how he shifts so many units. Like | don’t have to like an artist to get the appeal but Chris Brown seems so faceless that his only attributes that come to mind are

  • He’s a wanker that practices Domestic Violence
  • He writes unmemorable music

Like I cant name another characteristic or define the fellow by his music.

I still struggle to grasp Marshmello being a thing.

Chris Brown is obviously a terrible human being.

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I always thought he was a parody character or something

This is the first time I’ve heard of him tbh


Me too, also
Chris brown - utter cunt
Churches - not cunts


Worth $40 million apparently. Shit late period EDM producer who put saw Deadmau5 and put a bucket on his head


Can’t Buckethead sue?


I’m pleased not to know what any of his music sounds like. What a cunt.

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