Chvrches vs Chris Brown

Agree with everything others have said about the repulsive Chris Brown, but it’s worth noting that Pitchfork can hardly take the moral high ground on this after booking and heavily promoting R Kelly for their festival in 2013.


I’m also amazed by the continued airplay and status he has given that he beat up Rihanna. Not that it would in any way be better or ok if it was someone unknown, but I wouldn’t have been as surprised in a grimly predictable fashion if the industry had been able to spin it away, but when there was such grim photos of one of the most famous and well-liked popstars in the world that emerged it seems baffling he could get away with it.

Don’t want this post to sound like I’m “ranking” abuse or anything, but yeah. Good on Chvrches too, their music isn’t really for me but I really like Lauren as a person.


Just listened to some Marshmello on YouTube - it literally sounds like demo music from a synthesizer app.

That’s probably my YouTube recommendations fucked too…

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I have no idea who marshmello is, but whats he done other than making shite music to make him a ‘moral void’ prior to working with Chris brown

dunno ask Laura


I feel that’s a bad Tweet and I’m generally on LS’s side, but I’m not really sure what it achieves to do this sort of hindsight Tweet in this circumstance.

Shes dropped the ball a bit there i think, in her quest for a hot take.

Making faceless chart EDM music is not exactly immoral, especially not compared to CB’s actions.

Also can’t begrudge any artist for taking a chance to raise their profile and gain wider exposure in the current landscape. Marshmello’s last big tune has Bastille in it so theyre not the first indie-leaning band to do it


I don’t think it’s a hot take. I mean you’re implying she’s just trying to be controversial if you say that, no? And that definitely isn’t her style IMO. I just don’t think it needs to be said or is really the point.

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Not controversial, but to have a ‘fresh perspective’ on it maybe, rather than a hot take. As you say, it doesn’t really need to be said.


it’s defo at least a warm take


you must be new to twitter


That’s absolute bullshit. Wow, she’s normally quite right. But working with someone as a leg up, to help get a break, is cynical, but working with an abuser is something else - and certainly not to be equated.


nobody’s really calling her out on it as much as someone should be

Also I’m not really sure how the follow-up tweet connects to her first.

Seems like she’s deleted it now so there you go.

bit of a fucking patronising reply… don’t know why people can’t just own when they’ve said something a bit dumb:

sometimes I think that Twitter might actually be… bad?


also not that keen on just deleting stuff and pretending it never happened

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everyone in the late 20th century: the internet will make us free!

everyone in the late 21st century: hey remember when we only to worry about takes being hot instead of the planet being so hot that all the bees died and we had to upload ourselves to facebook