Snoozefest. I’m still a fan of this band.


They really are the masters of car ad music.


Chvrches are good but I have not yet listened to this, that’s all I have to add here but had to balance out the naysayers.


Struggling with this


Song is decent, but it ends just when it starts to really get going.


Who was that user that introduced CHVRCHES to DiS?


Have they always sounded like Taylor Swift?


They’ve always been quite pop but it’s a deliberate choice to go more in a mainstream pop direction, they’ve worked with a bunch of Big Name Producers this time round.

I like it quite a lot, but I liked their earlier stuff and have a weakness for 1989-era Taylor/Carly Rae/Katy Perry type massive banger pop music so this is basically laser-targeted at me.


yeah i fucking love the first album but this is awful


His username started with d and ended with e.




You wish. Pretty interesting guess.


Doyter hatfoode


Darwindude is female.


That’s not my favourite Chvrches song

but it is my least favourite Chvrches song



No, just kidding, it was Wishpig. She had such a good ear for electropop




I like it, prefer it to a lot of their last album at least (which felt like it was mixed unnecessarily loud in an attempt to appeal to mainstream radio).