Cider Wankers (rolling)

Alright? Rather than clog up the beer thread with cider chat, thought I’d give a dedicated thread a go for what everyone knows is the best drink.

Here are some of my current favourites (bit Devon centric but idc)

Sandford Orchards Dry Hopped

Hunts Cider Andsome Bay

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Four Elms Devon Ridge


No snobbery here, I know the title says cider wankers but obviously it’s fine to discuss yer Thatchers, Magners etc too.


Not a massive fan but this one is very nice. Very sweet but yeah, good stuff


Never tried a TC cider but seem to be hearing a lot about how good they are.

Yeah it’s good. My local indie ale wanker pub does as many ciders as ales really, but never get round to trying many as am more focussed on the beer.
Maybe once this is all over I will hammer a cider session

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These have gone from coop now which makes me sad as they were the best thing about 2020

I had this a couple of years ago, was pretty nice. Dry, sharp and really quite drinkable.

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Not really a big cider boy, but am a fan of SeaCider’s stuff (Brighton way). A trip the the stable is always a good chance to have a nice cider of 3. And Green Man have a really good coder tent

Heard good things about ascension cider too

I’m a cider boy. Choices are so bad outside the westcountry but I usually get a scrumpy or an Old Rosie jug if I want something that’s kind of ok. I want to go into a pub and get a gross but ok Ratler with the stupid :snake: tap :cry:

Trying to think of what pubs round here have other than Old Rosie. Something rubbish probs

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Oh wait…actually there’s a pub round here with a couple of those big boxes of ok stuff that most places usually just get in temporarily for their beer festivals but this place has them all the time.

The Royal Oak in bath was good for cider.

They’re super sweet but really hit the spot on a hot day.

Could go a cider now, but don’t have any in the house. Posh cider is hard to come by here, so I usually grab some of that Weston’s vintage rocket fuel, Old Rosie or a Katy. Enjoy smashing a Rattler or 3 when I’m in Cornwall too

I don’t drink anymore BUT I would break that for some very nice cider. A small glass at least.

Cider is the best and I’ll enjoy this thread, thanks funky

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There’s a cider bar not to far from me called the cider box (in Bristol). They make a 4.5% medium sweet cider called Truth is Light and It’s fantastic.

They have a really good selection, think they are delivering during lock down

I stayed at Hallets Cider Farm once, their stuff is incredible and I’m not usually fussed about cider.

Great pub. Presume you mean the Lower Bristol Road one not the Widcombe one?

LBR :sunglasses:

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  • Dry
  • Medium
  • Sweet
  • Scrumpy
  • Some other-flavoured business

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A can of strongbow on a hot day is a very nice thing

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It’ll do if there’s nothing else available!

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Somehow used to only drink Strongbow when I was younger. Not sure I could manage even a half of it these days - horrid stuff. Somehow managed to drink bottle after bottle of that flavoured shite at one point too.

A nice cider on a hot sunny day is still a lovely thing though.

Don’t really drink much cider any more, but still really like Westons vintage. It’s 8.4% or something silly, but it goes down so nicely.


Solid choice. Thatchers Katy also.

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