Cider Wankers (rolling)

2 out of 3 Sundays I visit my folks for dinner and stay the night, and the day starts with watching the F1 (if on) and the afternoon football with my Dad & brother-in-law. Kicking off the afternoon with a bottle of this has become my standard Sunday treat :slight_smile:


A pub near me was selling Thistly Cross on takeout during Lockdown 1.0. Really good stuff

A lot of ciders are called ‘____ Village’ a thing I’ve noticed.

Went here years ago in Bristol. Total cider wankers paradise

I had a pint bottle of this from Aldi the other day - really nice and 85p (more in Scotland).

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I grew up in Devon. There was a farmer in my village that made cider and had several massive barrels of different ages available. You just had to turn up with a container and 50p and you were away. Had a wonderful viscosity about it, and it blew your head off. Magic stuff, proper cider.

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Where in Devon?

Near Honiton

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Good cider country.

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I would say so!

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Trying Exhibition cider is a real rite of passage if you grew up in Bristol.

The legend of a drink so strong they only serve in in halves (people just buy two)…