Sun’s out so let’s have a bonus thread about nature’s greatest miracle, cider. Fancy ones are nice, cheap shitty ones are nice, and everything in between is too. Obviously Strongbow and Blackthorn can get in the bin. Medium or dry for me please, not into anything too sweet, and CERTAINLY not any of yer newfangled other-fruit ciders. Got a soft spot for a pint of bottom-of-the-barrel scrumpy that’s gone up to about 12% too. Cider season is here!


Don’t drink it anymore.

Used to regularly smash the Old Rosie on draft at The Castle after a day at the arts council though

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I like a wee cider now and again

Fucking lovely stuff.

This was before it was made weaker as well. Think it was about 7.3%.

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I like cider. Apple only. Flat and dry is nicest but tbf I literally drink scrumpy jacks and K cider sometimes so I am absolute filth of the highest order.


Love cider. cba getting into it though as I like all cider at all times. But I will say I’ve had a few ciders in places that seem to mostly just do beer wanker stuff lately so there’s been a token cider option and the drink that has arrived has been what can only be described as a ciderbeer. A suspicious hint of hops IMO. It might be just based on smelling the hops in the air, idk, but I’m going full on conspiracy theory about this. It’s been spiked to lure me over to Big Beer.

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Think I’ve told this here before but one of the pubs in my village used to have lock-ins and after about an hour the landlord couldn’t be arsed getting up so let us serve ourselves so we used to make Stella and Old Rosie snakebites (the proper way with a shot of gin in the top)

Jesus, i’d be scrapping in seconds

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There are a worrying number of wanky dry-hopped ciders sneaking onto the market.

There was a craft barrel aged cider on at a beer wanker place i was in the other day.


Oh really? This must be it then right? Any of that stuff makes me really not feel very well. I don’t drink cider to have the ill effects of beers thank you very much. Eugh.


Can’t drink much of it before I feel sick

Liked it a lot when I was 17/18 but once I got drunk on it and threw up our close friendship sadly ended

Can still manage a pint or two of Magners, or those basic cans of Tesco cider, but any of the really sweet ones like Kopparberg (the main culprit that fateful night) make me wretch. Shame because they’re nice.

Can’t seem to stomach it any more, which is a shame. But we had some good times


Yeah it’s alright. Nice with a meal. Never tried any wanky stuff but a Strongbow with ice does me nicely, or any of the standard bottled stuff you get in most pubs (Old Mout, Thistly Cross, Angry Orchard, etc.)

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Yeah that’ll be it. Should come to Devon, the real cider capital of the world.

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Shoutout here, please no judgements because I can go down the cider snob path too given chance, to the fact that even a warm can of strongbow or if you’re in luck Thatchers is acceptable at say a festival when its been in your tent a few days. This would never be acceptable if it were beer, awful. I like that some of the lowest lows of cider are still at least tolerable.


Also cider drunk (for me) is a pleasant buzz that won’t get you completely ratted.

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Fine I suppose

Do quite like the French stuff from a porcelain cup

Irish stuff is awful

Not drunk any for years
Ruins my insides

Never made my own, but did literally yesterday post someone a ‘make your own cider’ kit

Friend took me to a French restaurant/bar in London just to try their nice French cider. Was decent actually and didn’t make me puke.

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