Cigarette brands of choice


Any hardcore Marlboro Red smokers out there? Lucky Strike fans? Which has the best taste? Is yours “toasted”?


I don’t smoke

(only posting this for the likes)


used to get through a few packs of these on weekends



quit a year ago best thing i ever did

bought a pack on holiday a few weeks back…had two drags and gave them away



only smoke camel now. about 5 a day atm.


Haven’t smoked for more than ten years but I was one of the many Marlboro Light smokers in the later years.

First fag I ever smoked aged 16 was B&H, I then tried JPS (or “lung bleeders” as they were known :grimacing:) as they were in F1, therefore cool but they were disgusting, also tried Marlboro Reds for a while but didn’t like them. Eventually settled on Embassy No.1 which I smoked for years until I switched to Marlboro Lights as they were as weak as Silk Cut but didn’t feel like it.


Started on Lambert & Butler because a mate smoked them
Swiftly moved to Marlboro Reds, which were my staple for the next 25 years.
If unavailable then I’d smoke bennys, sometimes camels, and at a pinch silkies with the filter ripped off.
Worst fags I’ve ever smoked: Ducados in Spain. Dirt cheap, but literally make you gag with every inhale, and leave your throat feeling like it’s been sandpapered.


What is it you like about Camel, aside from the charming picture of a camel?


Haven’t had a cigarette in the UK for god knows how long. But when I go to the continent where everybody’s smoking I do find myself caving and buying a pack or several. When I was in Spain earlier this year I smoked Luckies. When in France I smoke Gauloises.

Feel free to mock mercilessly.


the smooth taste. also, my doctor smokes them.


What’s the deal with Gauloises? Is it just because they’re French?


10 packs of Red Band in my pot smoking days. 89p a pack IIRC.


Yeah and they’re strong (well Gauloises Rouge are anyway).

But yes it is because they’re French mainly.


Yeah nothing wrong with smoking Gauloises in France.


Yeah I have to do it. I just have to do it. EVERYONE smokes there still.


the manneken pis


Kentucky fried cigarettes


yeh always follow the crowd no matter how shit.


camel blue, lucky strikes

rollies with goldie v


think my 1st was a B and H, remember getting JPS for a bit cos I liked the matt black packet, but had settled on Marlborough Lights by the time I was 16, with the occasional purchase of camel lights or lucky strikes for novelty. I’m assuming it was just the branding in reality, but I thought I preferred the taste of US fags over UK brands like Silk Cut and Bensons

If I smoke more recently it’s Golden Virginia yellow as “straights” (as the kids call them) are crazy expensive. But hopefully I’m all done with that now