Cigarette brands of choice

Benson’s were the best (refused to call them B&H). They came in a gold packet so obviously classy.

yeah definitely this

also my friend told me they were called lucky strikes because they replaced one cigarette in every hundred packets with a joint

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Quit many years ago but smoked from about age 12/13 to 20. Always had a thing against Lamberts, I think they were seen as cheap and nasty. It was Marlboro Lights in the early days, then Regal / Embassy, Bensons then a break as I quit for a bit. Then in Uni I mixed things up quite a lot, Regals again as I thought they gave me less of a cough. But I quite liked the rugged US cowboy look of Marlboro Reds, Lucky Strike and Camel. Yes, their marketing and image did get me smoking them. Also did rollies for a while, Golden Virginia or Drum.

No idea what people smoke now.

Cutters choice or camel blues if for some reason I have a straight

amber leaf if times were tight. that stuff was fucking rank.

not sure it was actually tobacco just up dried twigs and shit


Quite striking how many of you went for the Marlboro Lights option in your youth. Even though they existed when I was a teen, absolutely nobody smoked them.

that’s cos all the packets look the same!

Oh yeah I love a smoke. A smoked salmon

I’d say these four brands were pretty similar/interchangeable, as opposed to bennies which I always felt were more “treacly”.

My mate Scott used to collect everyones Gratis points. Saved up loads as his Dad was a massive smoker. Cashed them in for a pool cue which became known as The Gratis Wand.


When I was a teen they seemed to be the kind of cool choice (not that I smoked, and most people I knew who did just bought what they could afford, Lamberts and B&H I think). I guess Marlboro Reds had the image, but I was always told smoking them was like sucking on an exhaust so the Lights must have been a compromise.

the beginnings of the snowflake generation! :wink:


I got a zippo through Gratis. Was tough though as everyone was trying to nick them for roach.

Smells of piss don’t it when you open the pouch. Urgh.

I was always a Drum Gold man. Looooved that stuff. Don’t miss smoking at all (and when I do it these days I find it all incredibly pointless) but I do miss that combo of intense Drum smokiness coupled with a nice glass of red. Really miss that.

B&H are premium! What the fuck are people on about!

Oh idk, what were the cheapo old man options?

I got a Zippo too. Also think I got a Spiewack t-shirt via Gratis… Might be wrong.

Lambert and Butler and Superkings

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Rothmans and Red Band.

I’d say Lamberts and JPS.