Cigarette prices


How much should cigarettes cost?

This thread in inspired by seeing a Facebook post saying

It’s sad to think Westerners will never know the joy of buying individual cigarettes from corner store

Should it be possible to buy single cigarettes? I personally would love it if I could buy a single cigarette from behind the bar.

I can enjoy a maximum of three cigarettes in a night where I’m shitfaced (for me smoking is like maccy d’s, after less than 3 pints it’s horrific but after 7 pints it’s fucking great).

If I could buy a single cigarette for a stupidly high price, I’d probably do so now and then. Better than buying 20 packs right?

So I guess this is three questions

How much for a pack of 20?
Should it be possible to buy 10 packs or singles?
How much should each of these cost?

Packs of 10/20 - I think keep inflating the price as has been happening for ages, must be well over a tenner for 20’s now?
Single cigarettes - £2 each


Do you reckon smoking cigarettes will be fully obsolete at any point in human history?


So many questions and he chooses to ignore them all and ask one of his own. The arrogance!


Sorry Balonz and even greater apologies to Wiggy. In this of all weeks I should be more tolerant of a thread’s authorial intent.


Found a pack with 5 left and im going to smoke them even though smoking is repulsive because boohoo im stressed


surely smoking on relives stress due to the addiction? so if you’re not addicted you will just feel a bit shit afterwards

my sarcasm detector is broken today btw


A friend went to investigate tobacco farming and basically likened it to slave labour. It’s a pretty disturbing sort of thing, really.


smoking will always have an appeal to some people… i think people being addicted and smoking in public will be become extremely rare tho


shall i get soem cigars in for new years eve?

  • great idea!!!
  • don’t be stupid. PRICK!

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if you’re considering it then yes

as i assume you will have company from those who might appreciate them


A lot depends on where you will be, Christopher. Want to smoke a massive fucker for 90 minutes under a beer garden umbrella in the pouring rain while men dance the lambada with your partner indoors?


Yeah they’re too expensive, they’ll increasingly be sold in greater bulk for more and more, but we’ll carry on smoking them forever because it’s enjoyable. Our governments love a good piss in the wind.


this has reminded me of a foot long spl**f i once rolled on NYE

took an hour to finish the fucker

ABBA sounded fucking SICK afterwards tho


How come he gets to ask his own question?


Have done this many a time. Always regretted it. Like huffing on an exhaust pipe.


i will be at some with a maximum of 6 other people, at least three of these will definitely not want a cigar (one of them is a baby) - the other 3 are unknowns
it is a RISKY decision


Trying to be kind to him at the moment, I see dark times ahead.


Just made myself laugh in the office… nearly time to leave.




not giving babies cigars means you’ve passed part 1 of the cigar users test, well done