Cigarettes After Sex

New album is out soon (09/06). As excited for it as much as anything else this year, it’s been a long time coming. Any fans on here? If not…FFO Low, Mazzy Star, Beach House…

They’re strangely popular for a slowcore band with no proper album released yet…interestingly the top 5 “listening cities” on Spotify are Istanbul, Taipei, London, Mexico City and Jakarta.

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I’m seeing them next week. Guess I should start listening to them!

Don’t want to like these cos of the bullshit name. Sort of do though.


There’s so many bands I’ve gotten into late because of dodgy names. Personally, I don’t think it’s that bad compared to, for example, Car Seat Headrest


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What’s your point caller?


They’re shit


I just think most names on DiS (including mine) are pretty weird too…so I don’t know if we can complain really.

True. I don’t expect anybody to listen to me though.

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Expand on this

Nah it’s the kind of band name you’d come up with as a teenager to try and prove to everyone that you’ve had sex


Just like the other hundreds of bands like them that have a nice sound but nowt else. Nice expensive equipment but no real songs


Same here. Awful band name, I want them to be shit.

bad name…but I very much dig the majority of what I’ve been hearing…definitely a mazzy star, galaxie 500 slowcore’s ish edge…very rare method of discovery for me in that I encountered them when piping out the speakers of a pub and had to ask the barstaff who was the purveyor of the beautiful, hazy, dreamy sounds…I like to think the staff of Brewdog Birmingham had been curating the playlist (there were plenty of other gems) but it could I guess have been one of those automated playlists…

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Heard the whole album a few times now and I still defiantly disagree

Very much got a “Bloom” by Beach House feel to it

I like them. Saw them in Bristol a few months ago. I was surprised by the amount of young people in the crowd (y’know, the 18-21 mob) and also disappointed as they shouted loudly at each other through the whole set.

Not heard it mate

They kind of have one sound and one type of song but it’s a good one


good and fair point.

Album of the year so far.

Hmm, I’m enjoying it and all but, given the releases this year so far, this is a bit mad.