Cigarettes After Sex


Yeah yeah, terrible band name but do good at dreamy sad pop songs.

They’ve today released a new song ‘K’. And looks like finally an album on the way

FFO Mazzy Star, Low, Red House Painters.


I wish I could get past that band name and give them a go but I just can’t.


Going to see them on Friday night. Love what I’ve heard so far.


teeeeeerrrrrriiiibblllelleeeeeee naaaaaaaaammeeeeee


should be ace in the loui


Thekla surely. Has it moved?


mea culpa!
the kla, yes.

annoyed as was double gigging it with meatraffle at stb, but now that’s close4d they’ve moved it to the crofters rights
still hope to be able to catch lice first


Double gigging it myself too. Death Pedals et al at the Stag after.