Cigarettes After Sex

Really liked their debut album.
New album coming and single out.


That’s nice.

I love listening to them in bed.

Very much enjoyed their debut. The name is what is is I guess, no worse than countless others. Some of their lyrics were a bit on the nose but the general atmosphere they create is pretty lush. Looking forward to the new one.

Really enjoyed the first record, looking forward to this.
I see they’re playing the barras next year.

Such a crap name.


New song sounds great! Another album full of that would be perfect.

Whenever you recommend them to someone though you have to acknowledge the fact that the name is just terrible…

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I noticed that too, I dont think I have much perspective of how popular they are but barras seems a big venue for them. Are they big elsewhere?

All the key points covered there.

I loved their debut and then I read some dodgy stuff about the singer online. Put me off them. I hope it isn’t true, but did concern me.

Same with me actually

holy shit, just did a search for this and the singer is male!!!

well, you learn something everyday.

Which was?


Original tweet is unavailable and the account has been suspended by twitter. Surprised there doesn’t seem to be anything else online about it though

It came up on here previously

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Well that’s fucking gross. Didn’t really get into them til after this so might explain why I missed it. Did he make a statement on it?

I don’t think so, it just sorta faded away - as you said up there, the press never picked up on it.

New single is beautiful

Really shite tbh.