Cinder toffee

Never heard of this stuff before. Someone’s brought some back from the Costa del East Anglia, and fuck me it’s delicious.

You discovered anything as good as cinder toffee lately? No you have not.

Yesterday! YESTERDAY!

It’s very delicious yes

ur a cigarette butt

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That’s about bonfire toffee. I’m talking about cinder toffee. Please try to keep up.

Don’t take that from him

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tinder coffee

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Can’t wait for tomorrow’s toffee thread!

I’m flattered, but no thank you.

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Might get a toffee crisp from the shop tonight in preparation.

Toffifee is one of the great underrated confections.

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I’m not sure I agree with this. It’s… ok

I haven’t had one in probably over a decade, but I agree.

Also Toffypops.

Get out of my thread.

Fuck off, Chegg!

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A lot of hostility here. Must be hump day lol

You’ve angered the Toffifee Massive.

I will pick up a pack if they have it in Home Bargains (yes today is my Home Bargains day of the month).

Are you my brother in law?

Because it’s smokin’? Fanx hun xoxo