Cindy Lee

Any fans of Cindy Lee here? (the project of Pat Flegel who was the singer in Women)

Their album ‘Whats tonight to eternity’ was one of my favourites of 2020

Just saw this video of them playing in America this month, totally amazing:


ps. heres the ‘Whats tonight to eternity’ bandcamp to listen to them


Yeah big fan. Tonight to Eternity was my AOTY in 2020.

Would love some new material. Thanks for the video, that’ll be going on the watch list!


Great to meet you - I don’t know any other CL fans so nice to chat to one!

Greatly looking forward to the new album too. I read a post by someone who met them saying that CL is planning on self-releasing a Double LP. Don’t know how true that is or not. The live video is pretty much all new material…


What a video

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Yeah Cindy is good. What’s Tonight to Eternity was also one of my top albums of 2020, some really great tunes on there especially Lucifer Stand and Heavy Metal. The album is miles ahead of previous ones, IMO, so I’m looking forward to what’s next.

When I saw Cindy open for Preoccupations last month, I missed the beginning of the set and was disappointed not to hear either of these two tracks. Unsure whether either of them was played early on or not. The performance was nice, but also felt a bit unrehearsed and sloppy if I’m honest. But that can happen with a solo performance with backing track. I expected a bit more.

I love everything they’ve done so far, and would reallllllllllly love to hear new recorded material. The sound and vibe of the music and vocals remind me of living in the Midwest and hit just right.