Cinema Etiquette (Popcorn Centric)

  • I have been known to enjoy popcorn in the cinema once or twice
  • I happily chomp away every time
  • I wouldn’t do it myself but it doesn’t bother me
  • I don’t like popcorn
  • I’m a monster and anyone enjoying themselves should be shunned/not allowed in the cinema

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For me popcorn gets a pass due to its tradition I guess, but I am totally against most food in cinemas, especially if it makes a noise or is smelly.


not exactly loud, is it


Don’t eat much popcorn but I salivate like Pavlov’s dog when I go to the cinema.


Nachos is/are the most ridiculous thing to offer cinemagoers. Loud and smelly


Where’s your vote going meo? Got you down as a crunchy chomper, don’t let me down.


Not exactly quiet though is it? Plus people rustle the bag and stuff. Just sit still and watch the film


I am very unsettled by people who DONT eat in the cinema

Fucking freaks. The lot.


I’m trying to stop buying popcorn, but the gf keeps getting it. I don’t know what it is about the stuff but it turns me into an animal. I tell myself I’ll be restrained this time but before the trailers are even over I’m covered in bits having shoved fistfuls of the stuff into my idiot face at a furious rate.


Just buy a packet and bring it in sometimes. Fuck £8 for popcorn.
People that get all crybaby about eating in cinemas are weirdos! Weirdos and freaks!!!11


I can’t NOT have popcorn at the cinema. Sometimes also take in a bag of sweets. And I ALWAYS get a cup of tea.

I did get quite told off several times by mr meo for chomping too loudly. I take one piece at a time and CHOMP.
I also shuffle the back about so I am getting the big chunks of popcorn. No mini popped corn for me!


Always get a big tub of popcorn.

Always make sure we’ve nailed it by the time the film starts mind. It’s for the trailers ennit.

Couldn’t really give a shit about other people eating so long as it’s discrete.




Why, you’re there to watch a film not stuff your face.


I set a rule that no popcorn is allowed to be consumed before the start of the film.


Cup of tea?! Hang on, you’ve gone too bloody far!


I’m there to do whatever the fuck I like!


The cinema experience is both


my local cinema allows NEITHER FOOD NOR DRINK…

(I quite like it, but mainly because otherwise I’d be missing crucial lines of dialogue because of the crunching sounds in my mouth. And I always smuggle in a bottle of water)


My rule is that I have to finish the popcorn before the film starts!