anyone used this? why is it so expensive? any tips? any funny stories?


Never even heard of it!


Never even heard of it!


worked at a cinema but left just before they brought them chairs in

look ridiculously like a huge waste of moneu


{looks at original poster, googles it, picks hat off hatstand, walks away}


Alright Farage.


wait is this people going to watch star wars on vibrating chairs and that?


not getting much love from you today!


Because I still never even heard of it!


I always prey on the weak, man!


fucking £10 million for a ticket for a shoogly chair? no thanks pal


cheeky fucker



no that’s dbox

cinema 4d is a graphics package right, @chris-budget??


kidding bro. you’re defo in my top 18% on here


yes! that’s right - there is a light version bundled with aftereffects now which i am starting to play around with - but the proper version is between £500 and £3000!

crazy money!


Couple of my content guys use it


I’m glad office morale has improved.


Nice :slight_smile:


Basically you sit on a chair and an usher shakes your bum whenever something goes bang