CInematic hot takes


Anyone got any?

I thought both John Wick films were really dull. Fell asleep during the second one.

I’m not sure if this thread has legs, but maybe someone will say Jaws is little more than Carry On Sharking and everyone will get irate.


Donnie Darko was very boring


Terminator > Terminator 2


Agreed :+1:


Disagree :-1:

(but I can see why someone would think that)


the entire star wars franchise is massively dull. the films released in the early 00s were probably the best ones because at least they had some decent fight scenes.


Disagree :-1:

I do wonder if the originals would have same appeal if I didn’t seem them as a kid though.


There are very few films more boring than Citizen Kane.


i didn’t see them as a kid. thought they were pretty boring when I got round to them as an adult.


godfather = boring & well overrated


Not seen it so can’t comment :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:


monty python films aren’t funny at all.


Connery > Brosnan > Dalton > Lazenby > Moore > Craig.


The original three Vacation films are humanity’s greatest achievement.


disagree :-1:

but I don’t think they’ve aged well


But Magnolia and Lost in Translation run it close.


disagree :-1:

but they’re a hard watch now. We could do with no one ever making reference to them ever again, tbh.


What are the Vatican films, lonzio?


Titanic is a goddamn masterpiece


Fight Club is dogshit and I felt embarrassed watching it