CInematic hot takes


this is just an accurate take


Yeah it’s not controversial but I needed to get it off my chest.


Remake The Last Jedi but it’s all mumblecore and everyone keeps tripping over things.


Rush hour is one of the greatest movies ever made


rush hour 2


BTW everyone, the 2011 Oldman/Cumberbatch/Hardy/Firth version of Tinker Tailer Soldier Spy was a masterpiece, and should’ve beaten the shit out of The Kings Speech for the Best Picture Oscar. The Kings Speech was fine but bland, and just embarrassingly arse-licking to the royals.


It was better than it mostly reviewed as, but not a masterpiece. With you on the King’s Speech though.


This isn’t a hot take but I just want to comment on something and I feel as tho this is the right place.

I like Robert Downey Jnr. I just don’t like watching him in ANY films.


I dislike Robert Downey Jr. And dislike him in every film, and can’t think of a good film he’s in (not accepting any replies from marvel twats)


Chef was a good film! He was not good. As was zodiac! I do not remember him in it


Oh yeah zodiac is decent. Still a prick though


i feel as tho he’s the same character in all this films. It’s a bit like how in every Kevin smith film everyone is Kevin smith.


Those Americans love the royals. Think they forgot that they won a war to get away from them.


I HATED Chef. Probably an all time bottom fiver for me.


Watching taxi driver tonight. Never seen it. Prepare for some takes


St Elmo’s Fire is an under-rated classic, the main characters are all well-rounded and their motivations relatable. Plus the urge to punch Rob Lowe in the face is relatively easily suppressed.


The Big Lebowski is possibly the weakest Coen brothers movie.




That’s the standard opinion though. A real hot take is that this is a masterpiece and Twin Peaks would be lesser if this storyline hadn’t happened