Cinematic things that you have actually done


Ever crawled through an air duct?

Ever been in a serious brawl in a bar?

Things you have actually done only please.


Once hid behind a curtain


Kissed someone in the bucketing rain :blush:


Was one of you upside down?


Nope, sadly.

I was thinking more Four Weddings and Funeral to be fair… in fact, anything other than Spiderman :smiley:


Once got into a taxi and said “follow that car”.


Please provide context for this


this is one of the main cinematic things I’d really like to do. although I’d like to do it under an umbrella or with a hat on if possible


had my hair set on fire


dunno if that’s cinematic but it is stupid


I’ve seen it in a film, it counts


smashed a guitar


once rode a trike into a holly bush


Yeah, to be honest, it was pretty horrible :joy: and then I looked in the mirror afterwards and my make up looked a bit like this -


Night out in Leeds. There were two taxis worth of people and I hadn’t heard where we were going.


Not done this one, but have said: “The airport. Fast as you can!”


bet most people have done this. It’s very romantic


(not taking anything away from you btw!)


You’re thinking more Last Of The Summer Wine here. You ever slide down a hill in a bath tub?


I have started something that vaguely resembled a bar room brawl