Cinnamon Bun

One of those things you see in a bakery or a coffee shop or whatever and you think “nah, not today, they’re fine and everything but there’s definitely a better option” and then you get a croissant or a pain au chocolat or something instead.

This is a little thread to just encourage you to get one next time you’re in a situation like that, I promise you you won’t regret it.


Don’t really like cinnamon

It’s ok as a background flavour but not as the main event

My wife is a cinnamon bun connoisseur, what’s interesting is how different places approaches can be, a Gail’s cinnamon bun (top tier) is totally different to one you might get elsewhere.


I just had one from “Saint Espresso” and it was “very nice” but wasn’t one of those ones where there is icing on it

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It’s weird that it’s wood


I would also say the same regarding a raisin whirl

I really like cinnamon buns, and I will choose them over other pastries. But really I just like all the pastries, which makes my declaration in favour of cinnamon buns something of a sham benediction.

I have to disagree, these are top-tier (but again, I just like all the pastries, so maybe I’m a false pope for raisins)

Gails is icing-less but you know what, it doesn’t need it.

Not that I’d ever turn down a cinny b with lashings of icing, mind you.

You know what, I’ve never ever ordered one and next time I see one I will order one

I would describe them as ‘quite tasty but VERY sticky’

That’s how I describe myself!

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Cafe no. 9 in Nether Edge (Sheffield) does little warm cinnamon rolls for £1 a go, which is a wonderful accompaniment to a cup of Joe (coffee).

Would never order a full size one though. No need.

Cardamom buns are miles better


£1 is a very reasonable price for any item. I can’t think of anything that is widely available for purchase that I would think “cor £1 is a bit steep!” about

What the deuce is a “Cardamom bun” please?

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^ pain aux raisins

Bloody love a cinnamon bun. Thanks

Got a place in Winchester that does amazing ones with cream cheese frosting. Insanely thick and decadent


Probably the best option of the standard coffee shop pastries.

Really like a cinnamon bun. Thanks for prompting me to get one next time I’m out and about.