Cinnamon Bun

The Starbucks cinnamon swirl is probably the best widely available coffee shop sweet treat. Shame their coffee is foul.

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I think my love of c-buns is already well documented on this forum

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Winchester seems, to me at least, to be one of the places in our realm that has the most coffee and pastry shops per person of any town. I’ve never been but this is the impression I get.

That’s just adding stuff to a cinnamon bun that doesn’t normally go with a cinnamon bun to make it less like a cinnamon bun because they are shite!

Had a Cinnabon once. It was ok

Think I’d rather have a muffin or something.

Oooooh a lovely cinnamon bu…they’ve put raisins in it, i’ll get a pecan plait

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That’s what this thread is about though, it’s about breaking free of the confines of what you think to be your opinions Breaking habits, breaking boundaries.

The impression you get is correct @The_Respected_User. I can get to 10 high quality coffee shops that sell good pastries. For a small city, that’s a lot.

I had a Gail’s cinnamon bun recently. Was incredible tbf


Winchester more like Winningchester, am i right

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They are really good buns

Is there anything which is improved rather than ruined by the addition of raisins?


My hometown of Ashford has the most hairdressers/barbers per person of anywhere in the country

And yet still you let your hair get like that

I would never pick croissant or pain au chocolate over cinnamon. What world do you live in.

They are my second choice behind the apple Danish swirls, both being a vegan option in many bakeries.

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I’m not ready for that.

Yeah, Jaguar Pirate was banging on about Cardamom Buns earlier as well, I’m very intrigued. They sound kind of disgusting but in a good way?

Literally nothing, worst one is chip shop curry. Oh great a raisin in my chips