Cinnamon Bun

I don’t live there any more

Explain A LOT!


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I like cinnamon buns and also those jus rol cinnamon whirls you make yourself in the oven.

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Raisins in curries are a fantastic addition. The sweet to the sour, if you will.

Icing is very unnecessary on a cinnamon bun and definitely tips it over to ‘too sweet’

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Our school used to put substantial chunks of apple in the curry on ‘curry day’ in the canteen. Horrific

I think I agree with this but one thing I don’t like is that in Bo’s Jubilee Chicken sandwich filler pots there are raisins because I like that on a baked potato and I don’t want raisins near a potato

i could be happy the rest of my life with a cinnamon bun


how do you feel about apricots?

This is a very beautiful sentiment.

Sometimes we wish for too much in life, a big car, a fast house, a smokin’ hot partner. Japes here is reminding us of the joy that can be found in more simple pleasures. We should thank him for this,

Thank you, Japes.

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the Cinnamon Social is the greatest pastry on earth, i reckon

Raisins in curries… at best!

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Cardamom, also called the queen of spices, has been widely used in Arabic and Asian cuisine since time immemorial… Today it’s going through a renaissance with the young generation who has taken it to heart… The taste, which many consider quite powerful, reaches a level of delicacy in the baking of buns… In Sweden today, cardamom together with the more folksy cinnamon completes the Royal family of sweet bread.


What is the Cinnamon Social please?

What do you think on these 3lb cinnamon rolls as seen on Man vs Food?


Very classy explanation post, thank you

Sorry but that looks like something that’s been hauled out of the depths of the ocean and makes me feel quite sick.

I think it’s a little on the large side

I believe some Kerelan curries have banana in so the general theme when putting fruit with curry is “go bananas”.