Circle picture avatar things


how do you pick just one picture to represent you as a circle on the internet? this is too much. I wish I’d started thinking about this weeks ago.


quite pleased with mine tbh


it seems to be a very crude watercolour painting of a man in a bishop’s hat.


i think i’d like to take requests for mine pls.


I wuz gonna ask for requests, but I’m very much a closed book and far too mysterious to most DiSers for them to make any good suggestions.


Just pick the first picture of Bieber photoshopped onto some rocks that you find on your work hard drive.


A cartoon… Grown up.



I have 1 picture. It seems fine.


quite like my 'n’
when I was tv_ramones for a few minutes yesterday the ‘t’ didn’t seem as good

anyone got any better suggestions?


I quite like Bamber’s massive face.


didn’t like the auto one, but pretty happy with the one I chose to replace it with


Think I’ve got this sorted now…


i keep mistaking your picture for a notification


I am fine with this.


obvious frontrunner, going to be hard to top this tbhtbf


This handsome fella?