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Why would you do that?

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It’s very homely and quaint

Our kitchen tap seems to be on the fritz. I would quite like one of those with a hose that you can pull out type thing.

Do you find this appealing?

if mr and mrs patiss want to write their name above their kitchen who am i to stand in their way

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I really do!

We have a tap like that in our kitchen.

It’s this one:

As I get older I often walk into rooms and forget what they are.

Signs for what they’re not might be handy.

Ten bottles of wine in that kitchen. Outwith parties, that’s about eight more than I’ve ever had in my kitchen at one time.

Potentially there are another ten on the other side of the island!

True, every cupboard could be laden with them also. They’re probably that kind of couple who have to drink lots in order to bury the fact that they despise each other.