Circuit De Yeux/Jackie Lynn

I’m really enjoying the new Jackie Lynn album on first listen, so varied. With contributions from the esteemed Bitchin Bajas

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She’s brilliant, should be talked about much more. Way prefer the CDY stuff to Jackie Lynn tbh but both good. Reminds me of Scott Walker more than any other artist i can think of. Was at the Le Guess Who show that the live record was recorded at and it’s one of the best gigs I’ve been to


CDY’s ‘Reaching For Indigo’ is one of my albums of the last decade, phenomenal. I haven’t properly investigated the rest of her stuff though tbh. Must rectify that.

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She doesn’t get enough acclaim, she’s amazing. I remember her supporting Julia Holter and was just her with a guitar, hearing that amazing voice was something else.

oh man…very jealous.

This performance is amazing.

Love the new album.

It was my joint top pick in the AOTM thread.

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Had no idea this existed. I saw her a couple of weeks after this and it was incredible.