Cis Menless Monday Marvellous Thread of the Day

Hello and good morning.

Happy cis menless Monday.

Ive got three days off! Can already see the bright blue sky from my window. Gonna do a bike.



Morning tilts!

Woke up at 4 and haven’t gotten back to sleep. Whelp.

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Morning Tilty. At work innit. Absolutely beautiful morning.

Had a nice weekend. low key pottering


Good morning @tilty, other non-cismen posters of dis, and the lads :wink:

I’m having coffee in bed, after another night of being either too cold or too hot all the time which is starting to piss me off. Got a few mosquito bites, but was expecting way more so no biggie.

34 kids arrived here at Horse Farm yesterday afternoon, had a try-out riding lesson to place them in groups, and put into accomodation etc. Pretty chaotic. Funnily enough the only 3 boys at the camp were the ones to be completely grossed out by the horses pooping. Like… what were you expecting??


So the Victorian government (State of Victorian rather than a satirical reference but also…) have had to roll back on the plans for opening up lockdown a bit due to increased cases over the last few days. It’s the dead of winter here now (i.e. about as cold as a slightly chilly autumn period in the UK, or probably high summer for Norway @whiterussian :wink: ) but obviously that is not so good for this sort of thing.

Lots of right-wing commentators trying to claim the be-gloved and masked BLM protesters were the issue rather than people just rushing out to hang with their family all weekend eating food and being physical (which is, of course, what the evidence tells us). Fucksake.

Unfortunately, the rollback means this Saturday’s 80’s themed party where I was going to go dressed as Snake Plissken is postponed :frowning: I spent a few hours on Sunday making a cardboard gun and an eyepatch too.


(I have painted the gun black.)


Fuck off hay-fever.

Fuck off work.


Morning tilty, morning everyone. What a scorching morning for a long walk. At times I can barely hear the traffic on the North Circular (a few hundred yards in :arrow_backward: that direction) over the birdsong.


Morning Tilters, morning all! Seem to have to managed to dodge a hangover which is nice. Gone back to 5 hours sleep though, which isn’t. Absolutely no plans today, perfect.


Morning. Up and going to work.

Had an awesome dream last night though @kermitwormit was in halls with me and was an absolute delight, freaking out the first years with high jinks.


So, you gonna start some thredz today?

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  • Nope

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I just started one! Now I’m going to start another! And I have one for later!



Back to the grindstone again today. Got some socially distanced pints in the park tonight though, so that’s something to look forward to.


Morning. I am moving flats today :weary: Stressing about the van not being able to park anywhere near (I live right by a hospital).

Spent for too much of the weekend feeling tired. Made dread very bad.

Work. Might make pancakes for brunch.

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I woke up at about 4:45. That’s not good

had a quite horrible and disturbing dream related to recent news events

Slept till my alarm went off. Rejoice!

Going to watch the new I May Destroy You and then pretend to work.

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Oh no… Hugs xxx


First day back at work after a week off. Going to email in sick. Except I can’t remember my fucking hard drive encryption password for the life of me.


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