Cis Menless Monday Marvellous Thread of the Day

Also, one for the #squirtlesquad


Oh god they love me. New ones every day.


Have handed HGATR over to a guest host for CMlessM. Get involved

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I still have a gnat bite scar from a whopper I got in Mexico a few months ago. I’ve got juicy bloody!

I have a lot of work to do today but I will try to think of a thread to rile and divide people…

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Hello from a field


rain is shit today
looks like my weekly quiz, that has run unbroken for 12 weeks, might end this week sadly
ian rankin liked one of my tweets today
im supposed to be in work two/three days this week on plant
i am enjoying playing pokemon
going to record episode 199 of my podcast.
loads of dissers on the 200th ep

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My quiz is going monthly as of this week and is just being used as a way to keep in facial contact with the ex pats

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I’ve been asked to be my team’s rep for the D&I thing at work! Someone’s told the big boss just it’s something I’m “passionate” about - guess my conversations with the team centrist dads haven’t gone unnoticed after all :joy:

Can’t help but think it should be someone who doesn’t, y’know, look like me though.


I was going to mention how much flirting there was in my dream and how much I envied my dream self, but then it seemed kind of vaguely inappropriate to burst in on cis menless monday to talk about that, so I’ll just do so with this quasi-ironic caveat like the true epitome of 90s manhood that I am

it’s falling down for the double-collision of a child’s birthday and a anniversary.

one of my mates still made it the week his second child was born, so it’s just poor form

how does that rank in your all time list of celebrity interactions?

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middling, to be honest.

not that you asked, but top two;

  • Working at Hampden Park and having to show Gareth Southgate to, and then back from, the toilet.
  • In aberdeen walking through the Bon Accord centre at the John Lewis entrance and my wife pushing a door straight into the face and almost sending Billy Connolly to the deck, to which he laughed HIs Laugh and said “fucking sake pal!”

Neurodiverse at least though, so you don’t have the clean sweep of privilege

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Happy Monday everyone!

Got the day off and going to sit in the sun and do some writing. Will also treat myself to a crisp sandwich (Chilli Heatwave Doritos + Hummous), then I’m going to the shop to get some drain unblocker. What a day.

Hey everyone

Was woken at 7 by my neighbour kicking off a zoom personal training session in her garden (which backs onto my bedroom window). Seized the initiative and went on a pre work bike which proved to be an inspired choice as I’ve gone from feeling low to feeling good

There are shit loads of flies in my garden which is irritating.

Dungeons and DISers later!!!

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everyone please come post!


Thought we might be finally be having Local Indian today, but no, the wait continues :slightly_frowning_face:

Just had to wash out my bin cos it was full of maggots :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

It was wheely gross