Cities of the future / smart cities

Learned about Neom yesterday, not really sure what to make of it or how realistic it is:

There’s also the seemingly failed Forest City project in Malaysia which has been accused of encouraging Chinese colonialism and is populated by 500 people instead of the projected 700,000 people:

Anyway, this is a thread for all things to do with futuristic/smart cities because I know fuck all about them but it’s clearly v interesting. Good, bad, creepy, exciting, realistic, overambitious? I don’t know!

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This piece from CityLab is good, especially as it has loads of useful links to other discussions on the topic within it.

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@anon50098204 Can we do a Top 100 future cities please.


Ok - if we get cracking now we should be able to wrap up by 2036


Have they finished it that fucking tower in Jeddah yet?

Uncle Walt had plans to build a smart city. So, so weird.

Akon is doing one and I am 100% sure it will
happen and isn’t a grift to suck up investor cash


Probably shouldn’t have gone with the name “Defunctland Park” in retrospect

Thought about Akon for the first time in approx 7 years this morning. Weird

Get a load of this bollocks

Russell lives in Cov, that a really brutal place
It’s in the middle of England, right into your face

Good timing what with Silo having recently started on Apple TV…