Cities that don't have much open/public space

What cities have you been to that don’t really have any green/open/public space? Basically all buildings

Only been twice so may be wrong but Bristol didn’t seem to have much

Maccau seemed to have almost none - one piazza and one old fort from memory.

Manhattan isn’t great either outside of Central Park…

Oxford has a lot of green space, but quite a bit of the green space in the centre is walled behind college buildings that the locals can’t get into, so it’s a weird mix.

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(Former rich heavily industrial cities I guess are prime examples)

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Pune was just an endless sprawling mass of development

There’s uni parks and Christchurch meadows in the city centre that anyone can use and then South Park, Headington Hill Park, Port Meadow just outside. For its size there’s tons.

Also have you ever seen the Social Life of Small Urban Spaces? If not (it’s impossible to find) happy to share my download of it. It’s awesome.

I also believe Citizen Jane might still be on iPlayer and I urge everyone to watch it!



This looks great. Thanks scout. Finishes Thursday morning, so be quick.

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I have a big poster of Jane Jacobs that M looks at lovingly and calls “good girl”. Nothing like enforcing my own heroes on my child.


I’ll DM you a link to the other film too of you want. I did officially acquire it for a film screening I ran as part of a public space festival but not sure about sharing rights now its vanished from the archives that previously held it online for free viewing. It’s very dated in style but not content and it’s pretty funny too. Shows how public space is used and what makes it successful. Brilliant study (also a book).

nah, Bristol has a fair bit, once you get a few minutes out of the main centre part.

Ah, probably just that I’ve never been very far out then

Yeah, there is tonnes - but there is also tonnes that we don’t get to see because it’s ‘locked down’. Like Magdalen College having a deer park, and all of the recreation grounds that the people who live there don’t get use of, or even sight of often. Always thought it was a bit strange.

It’s not locked down though, any uni or Brookes student or staff member can get in for free which is half the city - the others can pay a few pounds if they really want to go in. Can’t say I ever felt the need for more space than was available.

But I do agree with you that the amount of land taken up by the colleges for cricket grounds is absolutely ridiculous (although a lot of it is on a flood plains).

The middle bit is a bit concrete, although there are small areas, like College Green, Brandon Hill - Actually that’s a decent size, Queen Square, Castle Park. but then you have Victoria Park and the one down by Ashton Gate to the south or St Andrews Park and even the Downs is only 40 odd minutes away to the North.

You have to go a fair way out of Liverpool to find a significant area of green space (Rupert Lane would be the nearest, I think), but it does have large areas of public space by the docks and in the city centre.