City of thieves

The houses in this section of Stable Street consist of two rows of terraces. They are all made of sandstone apart from one in the middle of the terrace to your right, which is made of brick and is painted white. The door is made of oak an a serpent’s head is carved into it.

  • Enter the white house
  • Keep walking north

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Like we’re going to stop wandering into people’s houses now

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Like a snake-seeking missile, we are.

Alright, Joe Biden.

You walk into a room with sparse furnishings and a polished wooden floor. Silk curtains hang down over an archway on the far wall. As you start to walk across the wooden floor, a woman’s voice calls out ‘Who is it?’ You may:

  • Tell her you are delivering flowers
  • Tell her you have come to collect old rags
  • Tell her you are a tax collector

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shall we have another ration?

  • yes
  • no

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My gorgon detector is going crazy.


nice to have a little treat whenever you kill someone imo


Feels like this adventure needs a boost


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Updated stamina - 16
Updated provisions - 3

“Do you have any old bits of clothing love” we bawl, through mouthfuls of centipede.


“Here to deliver flowers”
“How lovely! Where are they?”
“I… don’t know”


‘I left them in the sewer with my friend the giant centipede, right back!’

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Guaranteed she’ll come out and kill us if we say we’re from Inland Revenue btw.

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The silk curtains in front of the archway are pulled aside and a brown leather bag flies out and lands in front of you, making a dull jingling sound.

  • Open the bag
  • Leave the house without opening the bag and continue north along Stable Street

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Just to be clear, did we ask for rags or taxes?

Bag o’ jngly rags, best of both worlds

taxes. I’ve just realised that I awarded that on the basis of a tie, thanks to the poll rounding that option up. Let’s just say it was my casting vote eh…

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might be a tattoo gun


Wish HMRC would accept payment in rags, I’ve donated fucking loads of clothes to the Sally Army recently but has it helped with my tax bill?